We have been
of our lords and gurus
political parties
and ideologies
but why not just be a devotee


10 ways to galvanize my role as a revolutionary

1. use bad news to motivate me to live a life of greater purpose, integrity, and meaning.

2. practice extreme kindness as often as possible.

3. go vegan (or at least mostly) – in my opinion this lifestyle choice is a direct act of revolution withdrawing energy from a corporate regime that feeds lies, promotes meaningless suffering and destroys ecosystems.

4. activate high levels of physical fitness and holistic health – withdraw dependance from the pharmaceutical and Sick Care system that teaches us we have no power to heal our bodies and minds. Bullshit.

5. grow a garden – get the healthiest food in my body and my loved ones without having to depend on oil and big AG to feed me.

6. take it all less seriously – have humor to balance the seriousness of all this doom and gloom stuff.

7. ride my bike and walk more – it’s good for me, and more fun

8. have more fun in general

9. speak my truth more not just on the soap box but with everyone – be more real.

10. reduce screen and media exposure – instead talk to real live human beings! Do fun things with each other like crafts, adventures, deep conversations, transparency, gardening, making music, etc.


It’s almost blasphemous
to think that I can just decide how I want to feel
regardless of the circumstances appearing
in the physical stage.
No! It can’t be that easy,
can it?

I mean, what about all the psychologists
In the peanut gallery?
There’s a whole panel of them there
With coats and ties and glasses
Clip boards
And fancy pens.
They all have fancy degrees
Lots of money
And many clients.

No, they say,
if you are just going to feel good
and choose happiness
then you are probably
avoiding a deep issue
you are in denial.
There is processing
there is analysis
there is lots of therapy to do
money to pay in order
to work out these

unresolved issues.

The spiritual people don’t like it either.
Oh just choose to be happy?
Ask the panel of gurus, teachers
And advanced devotees of the Lord.
They have flower garlands around their necks
and petals gracing their holy feet.
You’re not enlightened! They say

You have much much more sadhana to do
you need to meditate more
and have confirmation
of your progression from a
confirmed Guru
or better yet, a SatGuru
and you need to keep doing tons
of practices
otherwise you are being deluded by Maya
the illusion of time and space…

esteemed panel of experts.
I don’t need to suffer so much anymore.
Your psycho-spiritual hamster wheel
has given me enough exercise in this lifetime.
I’m just going to enjoy
this miracle
by deciding
to simply

Jellyfish Tendrils

My back was healed last night
and a good thing too because it was hurting
like a poisonous jellyfish lodged in my sacrum
sending barbed
up through my spine
and back.

What did the doctors prescribe?
And…who are these doctors?

The doctors prescribed 5 hits of cannabis
followed by deep breathing
intuitive QiGong
and a simple mantra
I could share with you at any time.

The doctors are
a team of
who I cannot see
but whom I call by name
as they work through my mind
and guide me efficiently
in the actions
which bring about healing
of body
and mind.

I am put back together now.
Sure, there is more work to do
I mean,
Look at this place!

They tell me how to eat clean
They show me that the mind is a tool
you can use
far more effectively than how it’s been used.
I am shown the secrets of breathing
and holding postures to move things along.

You see
I’ve discovered there’s this little old virus we’ve all picked up
somewhere along the way…
and it’s been lodged in the operating system of our mind
making us forget what we really are
and the truth of things.

It’s a trickster
to be sure,
but once you hack its basic theme
just click

The virus
creates an outlandish
mental prison madhouse looney bin scenario
in which you are tricked into thinking that you are merely a body!

Along with this
comes all the concomitant
the most malignant being
there is a power outside of you
that does not love you

What a joke!

See the virus as it is
a trick
a device for imprisonment and control
by whatever poor idea
believes it benefits from this kind of thing.

Perhaps you are not the puppet
though you’ve been convinced otherwise
for so long now.
Could YOU be the puppet master?
Your hands feeding into
this biogenic puppet suit
called the Human.

Your real hands control your puppet hands
its puppet eyes
and most importantly
your cute little puppet brain.

REAL YOU has control of thoughts
and therefore in control of
this puppet show.

So here’s the key
it’s always been here
in fact the gate has always been open
you are free to choose
what you want
instead of what you don’t.

You are free to stay caged
and locked
in a cell of your own making
guarded by cruel guards you feed
and pay out of your own pocket!

This kind of thing is
and hilarious at the same time.

It can suck

It doesn’t have to be good. It can suck. Who said it has to be great? Who made that rule?

Did your lego project have to be “good” when you were a kid creating spaceships? Did that even cross your mind?

No. It didn’t. Because all that matters is the creating. All that matters is the play.

Who cares if no one likes it. You liked your spaceship. It put you in an alternate reality that made you feel alive.

How many beautiful painters, authors, inventors, and musicians have retreated into the dark allies and dens of TV, addiction and quiet desperation because they didn’t think their art was good enough? Because they didn’t know it was okay to suck?

Our art doesn’t need to go into the Smithsonian. It doesn’t need to go viral or be praised by important people. It can suck. It can be not the greatest thing you’ve ever written, or drawn, or played.

No matter how bad it is, it’s still going to be a thousand times better than not creating anything. It will still be a thousand times better than retreating into the consumer mode for another binge watch of the latest series, or wasting your time doing something altogether uncreative.

Give your work permission to suck. It’s probably not as bad as you think, and it’s immeasurably better than not creating a damn thing when you know you want to.

Creative Constipation

There’s only one way to write a blog post, and that’s to write it.

That goes for just about anything, as well as I can figure. If you want to do something and don’t actually do it, then that thing will just keep on not being done. Where’s the fun in that? There isn’t any.

There is no fun in not doing what you really want to do. In fact, it is my observation that not doing the thing you really want to do will create an energy in you similar (or maybe even synonymous) to cancer.

I call it creative constipation. If you want to write a book and you don’t even try, then you’ll get all this creative constipation. If that shit doesn’t move through, then you’re looking at problems.

If you have been wanting to travel someplace, and it’s a genuine heart centered dream, and you don’t do it… constipation. There’s that business you’ve wanted to start for how many years now? But you keep taking crappy jobs you hate, excessively binge on netflix, drink too much beer, and eat numbing food? You’re soul gets stagnate from the creative constipation.

Get things flowing right. Creativity is fiber. Get a healthy dose and do something rad.

If you can’t, do it anyway

I have been wanting to write a book for years. Freaking years. Like more than a decade’s worth of years we’re talking here. And I haven’t done it. Why? Because each time I sit down to write a book there is this very convincing story running on that says:

“I can’t do this.”

It’s a short story. And it sucks. But it is so convincing and conniving that it has kept me from writing a book, and doing a whole lot of other stuff in my life that I really have wanted to do for a long time.

Recently I heard this little anecdote about Vincent Van Gogh who happens to be my all time favorite painter. Apparently he had said that the best thing to do when he heard the voice telling him he couldn’t paint was to paint. And thank God he did!

So I sat down this morning to work on this book idea called Do Something Awesome and there it was. The voice. “I can’t write. I can’t do this. Better to eat some cereal or go buy a muffin from the store.”

No. I wrote anyway. I don’t care if it’s good, or terrible, or illegible. I just fucking wrote. I wrote right through that voice. I banished it from the kingdom of my mind. With each word the tyrant voice retreated further and further away into the dark and dreary mists from whence it came. At first I just wrote nonsense. But I wrote anyway. Then the writing turned into nearly 2000 words, much of which I can honestly say I would be happy to share with someone, after a bit of polishing of course.

If you notice you want to do something but you don’t think you can, then that is an invitation to something really good.

Maybe you can’t, but do it anyway my friend.




It’s awesome because it’s scary

If you want to do something awesome, then you’re going to have to learn to get to know fear. Because awesomeness, excitement, and the choices in life that light you up and make you feel alive come with an automatic serving of scared shitless.

I think you can be certain that you are on the right track with something in life if there is fear there. If there isn’t fear then why do it? Standing on the precipice, you look down below into the deep blue waters of the swimming hole. You can easily stay on the rock, and walk back down, content with the view you just experienced, content with solid ground. Or you jump in and experience something much more wonderful. You enter a new realm, a heightened state, a lucid awareness by stepping through the portal of fear.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s awesome because it’s scary.

Use everything to help you

Before I get on with things today, I just thought it might be helpful to remind you that there is nothing in existence that cannot be used by you for your benefit.

Nothing is not a gift, a tool, an opportunity that can help you thrive. Sure it may take a little creativity. You’ll need to step back and think differently. But imagine how your life might be if you could see everything as a good thing that is happening to help.



You inspire me

You inspire me


You inspire me

To creep a little further

Along the mysterious threads

Which lead into the unknown places

Where creativity beckons.


You dance so beautifully

A little further ahead on the road

Like a child

Saying to her friend

Hey, wow! Come see this! Try the experience of being over here!


And I come slowly to see

Where your dance is

And where your eyes rest

And where your soul sings

Amidst the terrain of a new unencountered realm.


Each step is made by exploring a curious whisper

As if sung gently to me from a bird on my shoulder.

Though the ground may seem to be unstable

Or completely missing at times,

I am always supported one way or another.


How about we remember to not get all serious

About our journey?

Even and especially when we cannot understand

What exactly is going on…